Managing European Solar Assets

Best Practice and Optimisation of Solar Portfolios

24-25 April 2017

London, UK - The RIBA Building, 66 Portland Place

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Conference Summary

In 2016 the European solar market exceeded 100GW of installed capacity. With EPC warranties ending and 20-30 operational years ahead, asset managers and owners have a responsibility to ensure solar assets are optimised to provide the payback periods promised and meet Europe’s growing low carbon electricity demands.

Managing European Solar Assets will discuss best practices to measure asset performance, develop strong KPIs, advancements in monitoring hardware and software, avoiding hardware failings, and how to balance costs against service in O&M contracts.

Uncover the top performing European and emerging solar markets, discover what to ask from monitoring services, what O&M clauses to include in your PPA, and how to aggregate monitoring data to improve long term forecasting.

Learn how to utilise energy storage advancements and smart grid technology to supply clean electricity around the clock and increase your bottom line.

If you’re serious about capitalising from your solar assets for decades to come, or want to establish a reliable O&M reputation, Managing European Solar Assets is not to be missed.

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