Gerhard Mütter

Technical Director
Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH

Gerhard Mütter is Technical Director of Alternative Energy Solutions GmbH (AES), where he leads, in the function of Owner Representative Advisory (ORA), supervision of O&M for PV-Parks.

Together with the international team of experts at AES, Gerhard developed PEAK, the AES Performance Efficiency Acceleration Key technology, a leading-edge data analysis service using special algorithms including machine learning for exploring big data. This software toolset allows supervision of multi-MW PV-parks based on perceptions of deep analysis of large datasets taken from monitoring systems.

Gerhard has worked in the renewable energy industry in product management, product development and PV for Austria’s largest solar-companies for more than 10 years. He has been technical head of large PV parks since 2011. Together with his team, he has analysed more than 2 GW of large PV plants across Europe and India, is Technical Director of AES India, member of the Scientific Committee of EU-PVSEC and lecturer for Photovoltaics at the Technical University in Vienna.

Relevant Education: Automotive Engineer, Technical Mathematics and Informatics at University Linz, Austria, MSc for Renewable Energies at the Technical University, Vienna.