Michael Goldstein

CAO and Founder

Mike holds a B.Sc. in Physics, M.Sc. in Engineering, Advanced studies towards PhD in Mathematics-all from Tel Aviv University. Has founded Watts & More, a PV panel-level electronics company. He is as well the founder of DMATEK/Attenti Ltd. world leader in electronic tagging for human security and surveillance, which was traded on the LSE (DTK.I) and acquired by 3M. He is the founder of AVT- a leader in Print Inspection System acquired by Danaher. Mike holds 20 patents, mostly in the field of signal processing.

The Company: 

Raycatch - Pure SaaS product that provides actionable insights to operators & owners of solar plants that can significantly enhance the project yield.

Raycatch is an AI diagnostics technology for solar energy, on a mission to revolutionize the PV market by enabling automated management of solar assets. By deciphering existing solar energy data, Raycatch transforms PV Operation and Maintenance (O&M) tasks from traditional manual scheduled operations to on-demand automatic management.

The Raycatch app, DeepSolar™, analyzes production data on a daily basis and aims to generate a full diagnostic mapping of all components in a PV portfolio. All insights are ROI driven and fully quantified, include panels under warranty but below the spec, maintenance on demand (dust + grass), disconnected cables, PID, temperature coefficient, MPPT/Inverter efficiency, tracking systems and many more.

The result is maximized performance and maintenance of solar assets, leading to increased yield, decreased operational costs and the acceleration of solar energy penetration in the global energy market. No hardware or software installation, no site visits are needed.