Thomas-Louis de Lophem

Head of Operations

Thomas-Louis de Lophem is Head of Operations at DroneGrid.

With a background in both Engineering and in Physics, he started his career in Aerospace by joining the European Space Agency. Moving on, he joined ENGIE, working first on the Trading Floor, then in projects aiming at providing the Group with a strong digital position. 

At DroneGrid, he is responsible for making things happen. In charge of the data gathering, processing and analysis, he makes sure that DroneGrid is using the best methods, has the best knowledge and brings relevant insights to its customers. Managing our Drone Pilots network, building the best tools and technique and discussing with customers about the latest updates in the solar industry are daily business for him.

About DroneGrid

DroneGrid aims at taking the best of modern technology, drones and Machine Learning, to help the Solar Industry get an accurate picture of the status of commercial solar plants worldwide. 

DroneGrid is the leading provider of inspection and monitoring services for solar PV industry using drones. Our proprietary software enables enterprises to easily deploy drones, capture valuable field data and convert it into to digitized actionable information.

Through our web platform customers can monitor and manage multiple work sites, access various data sets, perform analytics, export data to 3rd party applications such as AutoCAD, share files throughout the organizations seamlessly.

DroneGrid has scanned more than 220 sites in several countries and it’s currently online in 17 countries.